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"I am running this year's London Marathon for Haven House" - Hayley Foster

Hayley Foster running VLM for Haven House

Hayley Foster will be running the London Marathon on Sunday and is fundraising for Haven House Children's Hospice.

"This is my second marathon! No idea why I decided to do it again! I would love to get a sub 5 hour time but with my knee problems and the news that the weather will be HOT, I am just aiming to finish now!

"SV has helped my training greatly. Due to problems with my knee, I was unsure whether I’d be able to run this year at all. However, since seeing Jess and finding out that one of my legs is longer than the other (who knew!) I have been given exercises to do that have helped massively. I only wish I came to SV sooner!

"I entered the 2017 London Marathon in memory of my father who ran five marathons in his life. I can't necessarily say I enjoyed the day but I definitely got the bug and decided to enter again this year!

"This year I am running for the wonderful Haven House Children’s Hospice, with my friend Sophie Golding. We have a fundraising target of £4,000.

"The thing that has helped me most during training is running with my friend Sophie. She has been an incredible support and I honestly couldn't have done it without her! When I haven’t been running with her, a good marathon playlist is a must for me. Nothing better than hearing "I wanna dance with somebody" when you are about to hit the wall!"

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