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Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy involves a detailed examination and diagnosis of your injury, then by using a variety of treatments, we help you become pain free as quickly as possible.

When you visit us for the first time, we will take a detailed account of your current injury, then ask you to carry out a variety of movements to assess your range of motion and movement patterns.


We will assess the painful area and then discuss with you our working diagnosis and how we will be able to treat you successfully.

Treatments might include:

  • Joint mobilisations

  • Soft tissue release

  • Rehabilitation programmes

  • Kinesio taping 

  • Acupuncture

We will then devise a treatment/ rehabilitation plan with you so you have an organised approach to help restore your movement and become pain free.

NB We have the expertise and knowledge to refer you to a wide network of other health professionals that we work closely with, ie for X-rays, MRI scans, GP referrals, podiatrists, osteopaths, etc.

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