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Scar Therapy and Lymphatouch treatment

SV Sports Therapy specialises in scar therapy and Lymphatouch Treatment

We are thrilled to announce our Lymphatouch Medical service to our clients.

After Sophie had surgery on her knee to remove a nerve and a previous fractured fleck of bone that was floating in the knee joint, her scar was not healing very well. It created a lot of stiffness and pain and was preventing her from bending her knee properly and being able to strengthen the muscles around her knee. 


What is Lymphatouch?

LymphaTouch is a myofascial (connective tissue) decompression medical device that uses negative pressure to break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions, improving the mobility and appearance of scar tissue. It also promotes lymphatic (swelling) drainage, to reduce swelling and pain associated with swelling and thus improves movement function and accelerates healing.

With Lympatouch Sophie is able to precisely control the suction (negative pressure) applied to the skin to ensure a safe and effective treatment. LymphaTouch treatment is comfortable and can be used to treat all scars effectively.


When was LymphaTouch® created?

The LymphaTouch® device was originally used as a treatment for chronic lymphatic oedema (swelling in the body), it was developed in 2005 with the first one in the UK in 2012. 


LymphaTouch® medical device specifically targets 2 injuries:

The LymphaTouch® device treats:

  1. Scars

  2. Lymph (swelling)



LymphaTouch® is a gold standard medical device for the management and healing of operative scars from any form of surgery i.e. knee, hips, shoulders, lower back and C section scars. It effectively breaks down and softens scar tissue, improves wound healing and prevents adhesions. It also improves the flexibility of the scar and its surrounding skin preventing tightness. It does this by lifting and releasing the scar, using targeted negative pressure and light vibrations to manipulate and lift the scar into the cup.  


Lymph (Swelling)

This light, pain free treatment also specialises in Lymph - this is the medical term for swelling - body swelling, especially in joints after surgery and for example Mastectomy from breast cancer, around the armpit, upper arm and shoulder. It helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage by bringing oxygen to the area and helping to improve blood flow around the body.


How does LymphaTouch work?

When treating Lymph swelling:

The Lymphatic system drains and removes excess fluid from the tissues. We often describe the Lymphatic system as a waste removal system. Compared to your blood circulatory system, which transports and delivers blood, containing oxygen and all the nutrients our cells need to survive and flourish, the lymphatic system removes the waste. Unlike the blood circulatory system, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a natural pump ie the heart, thus flow can stall and swelling can develop. 

To re-start or stimulate lymphatic flow, LymphaTouch device gently lifts the skin. This creates a negative pressure under the skin causing the lymphatic vessels to dilate (open up) making it easier for the system to take in the excess fluid. Imagine the plug in a sink – LymphaTouch device simply makes the plug bigger so the fluid can drain easily.

By dilating the lymphatic vessels, more fluid can enter the system which increases the flow and therefore reduces the lymph swelling, resulting in less pain and increased range of movement.


When treating scarring:

Following injury or surgery, scar tissue will form and after surgery, of course, a visible scar will be shown on our skin. Scars are shown in various forms, shapes, sizes and thicknesses and can present with multiple problems, from being tight and restrictive, to being visibly displeasing.

LymphaTouch medical device enhances scar healing and the visibility of the scar by providing a light suction. This stimulates blood and lymphatic flow, to enhance and promote the healing process.

LymphaTouch can also aid tight and restrictive scars. Certain scars adhere or ‘stick down’. By controlling the negative pressure from LymphaTouch, It safely and gently lifts and releases the scar tissue. Often once blood flow has improved, so too will scar movement and visible appearance.


How else can it help me?

It can help to heal the physical and mental scars left from surgery, major life events and the trauma that can leave you with every time you see and touch the scar. Sophie is extremely compassionate to these life experiences and has various techniques to aid this healing.


Is Lymphatouch painful?

No! It is completely different to Cupping like we see in other treatment settings, which can leave red marks and quite often bruising for multiple days. And it is completely different to sports massage and other types of massage where this technique is directed specifically to deep muscles. 

With the Lymphatouch medical device, Sophie is able to identify the level of pressure suitable to treat the specific area and thus control the Lymphatouch device appropriately. 


Are there any risks associated with LymphaTouch? 

Rarely will the LymphaTouch® leave bruising, it may leave some slight redness in the treated area, but this will go down quickly, so, unlike cupping it won’t cause any internal or lasting damage to the soft tissue.  


If you would like to know more about The LymphaTouch® Device, please contact Sophie on 0203 494 4343 for a free telephone consultation or email us on, we would love to serve you!

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