April 27, 2020

"I approached SV Sports Therapy in search of physiotherapy after picking up a footballing injury 2 years prior, playing Sunday League. I had a partial tear of the Adductor Longus - a muscle found in the groin area, which can be extremely delicate and temperamental to treat. I missed 2 seasons and focused on light physio exercises which still didn't seem to be working. I was informed after another scan that my injury had healed, however for some reason I was still in a great deal of pain while performing certain movements. It was suggested to me my muscles and scar tissue had not grown back properly and that could be why I was still feeling pain. At times, the pain was excruciating while performing certain movements. I was concerned I would never play again. I was then referred to SV Sports Therapy.

From day 1 I have been given unprecedented treatment. Beginning with an in depth discussion, pinpointing exactly how the injury occurred and what I've been doing since. Then finding out my...

April 27, 2020

Fantastic to hear how Giovanni is progressing with our video appointments during Lockdown. Great, work Giovanni, keep it up! Giovanni is a sprint triathlete, but has had a lumbar disc herniation, making it painful to run. After introducing some basic strength training, Giovanni found a dramatic difference and has been able to start short runs, to maintain his fitness whilst in Lockdown, on top of strength conditioning.

"I have enjoyed the two video sessions so far. I felt cared for. I have been given new exercises and Pip made sure I was understanding the right technique to do them. Any issues or questions were promptly assessed and answered. Very satisfied." 

Giovanni Muretto 

Via Email

April 22, 2020

"I've been seeing Pip at SV Sports Therapy for a couple of months to help with aches and pains from running. She has been supportive, helpful and has given me great advice. Would highly recommend booking an appointment with these guys to see how they can help you!"

Natasha Elliot 

Via Facebook

April 22, 2020

A real pleasure to continue working with Penny during Lockdown and moving her injury forwards ready for running training and future half marathons. Keep up the good work Penny!

"It was great to keep in touch with Sophie during this difficult time, I'm very happy to be able to continue my recovery so I can still achieve my goal - I'm not sure what I would do otherwise!! During the appointment I got some new exercises and developed some existing ones.

I would absolutely recommend a video appointment, I could achieve almost everything I could in a normal appointment and am really relieved to be able to continue treatment."

Penny James 

Via Email

April 17, 2020

"I started off with severe back pains due to my sport being cheerleading where I couldn't really walk properly and always in severe pain. Since I have visited the clinic, Pip, Annabel and Annalie have really helped me improve my back movement and be able to carry on cheerleading with the different exercises provided each time I visit. I feel a lot better now from when I first started my sessions with SV, feeling much stronger.

Pip was especially knowledgeable with my Cheerleading and helping with my back injury through giving me a variety of different exercises and conditioning I can do while at home strengthening my back everyday.

I definitely recommend SV based on my amazing experience and kindness I have received, thank you!"

Olivia Micheli

Via Email

April 17, 2020

“I’ve used SV Sports Therapy for a few years now and can’t recommend them enough. The staff are so professional and committed to getting you results. Annalie has continued my treatment with video sessions during lockdown which has been so helpful plus it’s been nice to see a friendly face.”

Elaine Harman

Via Email

April 17, 2020

A pleasure to hear Donna's positive feedback from Sophie V's Just Be mindfulness class on Monday evening. Look forward to sharing this experience with you next week! We asked:

How did you find the workshop?

"Very calming and reassuring at an unsettled time. The background music was perfect, your voice was soothing and the pace was just right."

What positives did you take home from the workshop?

"To stop and take stock, really focus on those relationships we have. To turn to meditation and calm when we feel scared or anxious."

Would you recommend the workshop to your friends and family?


Donna Jackson

Via Email

April 17, 2020

"I found Fleur's online core workshop really good! It was clear that you were helping through the screen too as you noticed when I was rubbing my wrist (I broke it 10 years ago and still can’t use it properly!!!) I’m already booked in for two more"

Jodee Mayer

Via Email

April 17, 2020

It has been two weeks since we launched our online SV workshops for you to join, from the comfort of your own home. Our workshops have been specifically tailored to help you become unstuck in certain areas - body, pain and mind and they have been going from strength to strength. Our sports therapists have also been joining in on the action and we have put together a little slideshow of their reviews. We love working as a Team!

Want to find out more about our brilliant live video workshops? Book your space today at: bookwhen.com/svsportstherapy

All 45 minute workshops are £10 Pay As You Go classes.

As a gift from us to you, type TASTER into the box at checkout to get your first class free.

April 17, 2020

"Super video session with Sophie, being able to receive genuine support and encouragement is priceless at this time. Being a real techno phobic oldie, I had my concerns but it was so easy and we achieved a great deal, checking my execution of exercises and introducing new ones. A very happy client. Thank you Sophie"

Belinda Gaffney

Via Email

April 7, 2020

As someone who is dealing with the postponement of the London Marathon and not knowing what the next few months will entail, it was great to talk to Sophie about structuring my training and getting stronger for the marathon. I went into the appointment slightly anxious and came out feeling positive with a plan to break down my training into 3-4 week blocks and setting manageable goals for each block.

I am currently working to strengthen my hips and glutes as I have suffered with IT band issues and problems with my left knee. At my last meeting we focused more on mobility with a lunge matrix, pigeon stretch, clam and lateral leg lift. In this appointment, Sophie suggested I start implementing strengthening into the routine with a single leg glute squat. She demonstrated through the screen, then I had a go and she gave me advice on how to improve my form. 

I would definitely recommend video appointments with a sports therapist during the lockdown as even though I did not see Sophie ph...

April 6, 2020

It's an absolute pleasure working with this wonderful lady Najmin, who is currently suffering from back pain and is being aggravated even more at the moment, due to working from home at a temporary desk. After only 1 video appointment, Najmin is already noticing the benefits.

Thanks for your kind words Najmin, keep up the mobility exercises, you're doing great!

We asked:

What positives did you receive from the complimentary video appointment?

I felt you listened and understood my pain and you made me feel comfortable. 

What advice did you receive in the appointment?

I found your instructions and advice on the exercise to carry out was very useful and I am still carrying these out today after one week. 

I still have a bit of a long way to go but I truly believe your session has had a positive impact so far. 

Would you recommend video appointments with an expert sports therapist during the Lockdown?

I would definitely recommend others to use your video service especially during this lockdown/isol...

April 6, 2020

It's a real pleasure to work with Sarah, firstly in clinic, then since COVID-19 Lockdown we have transitioned to video appointments. Great to show Sarah a variety of exercises, thanks for the feedback!

It was great to be offered a complimentary virtual session with Sophie. It was good to talk face to face about any issues around my injury. It was great that I could stand or demonstrate movement issues and Sophie could assess at the other end. 

Sophie made sure that exercises were working and prescribed others to do alongside using equipment that I had to hand at home rather than the gym prescribed exercises that had been given previously. Will all help once we are able to go back to face to face in the future. 
Would recommend. 

Sarah Collett

via email

April 6, 2020

"The benefit of being able to continue therapy support for recovery from an injury at this time of lockdown and social distancing is so important, I feel like i am still on the road to recovery, if the appointment was simply cancelled, I would not have been able to progress with some new exercises which are another step towards recovery. It is absolutely the right decision to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

I really appreciated that the first Skype consultation was complimentary, I think it gave me the opportunity to see how well it could work, it also showed SV sports therapy value their customer's well-being above all else. 

The Skype video call worked really well, having received an email prior to the consultation, I was well prepared with the equipment I would need, all of which were simple items readily available. 

The Skype call enabled me to clearly see the demonstrations of each exercise and also enable Annalie to see me do the exercise to ensure I was doing it correctly. Annalie...

April 6, 2020

Amie is a super Triathlete and it's a pleasure to continue working with her during Lockdown. Here's to goal setting Amie and keeping you moving forward towards your future events! Thank you for your kind words.

"I had my first video call with Sophie on 1st April and found it helpful and informative. With the amount of training I had been doing, I was worried that without physically seeing Sophie, due to the current situation we are in, it would be a problem, but in fact it was very accommodating.

Sophie asked how I was feeling, not only physically but mentally too. Sophie demonstrated to me good ways to stretch out my problem areas – it was very easy to see and follow what I had to do. This will help keep my problem areas ‘ticking over’ until things are back to normal.  I would highly recommend the video appointment, as it is a good way to keep in contact and check in with your sports therapist, if you are unable to make the physical appointment. Not only while we are in lockdown, but in...

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