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Client Showcase - Laurel Peck

This is Laurel's first marathon and we have loved supporting her!

  1. Have you ever run a marathon before? No never, I've applied through the ballot for three years and never got in but this year I very luckily got the chance to run for St Clare Hospice.

  2. What advice would you give to a beginner running a marathon? Start slowly, do not put pressure on yourself to be the quickest runner and be able to run the furthest distance, it's so easy to get over excited and overdo it. Invest in a good pair of running trainers, I went straight to the ASICS shop and got a gait analysis, the women was super informative and explained why that style of shoe suited my foot/running form.  Find some friends to run with, it makes it a lot easier or join a running club like I did, this was brilliant and I have made some lovely friends. 

  3. How do you warm up before you run and cool down after to recover? I do dynamic stretches, for example lungees with a knee raise, heel walking, toe walking, side squats, gate openers and floor sweeps this helps all my muscles to get warmed up. Immediately post a run I do standing quad stretches, hamstring stretch, calf stretches, followed by an ice bath - I found this has really helped muscle recovery!

  4. Do you have a training plan? I have followed the training plan that the marathon shared and adjusted it to suit me, this involves doing a speed session on a Tuesday evening (interval training), doing a mildly long run on Thursday evenings, anything between 5-12km depending on how I feel and then a long run on either the Saturday or Sunday, this would be anything from 12k onwards. 

  5. What fluids/ food do you eat before a marathon? Fluids, always a cuppa - cannot start my day without one. Followed by some water and crumpets with Jam. I've never liked porridge or oats (I wish I did) but I think that would do more damage than good me trying to eat that before a run. Crumpets are easy to digest and have found they've kept my fuller for longer, I eat these around 1h30-2h before my run and then 30 mins before a run I eat a banana - this has worked well for me and I've had no troubles. 

  6. Do you train in any other sports alongside running? Yes, I have kept up Pilates weekly during this training period, it's low intensity and has really helped with strengthening and stretching, also I like to go for a little pastry and coffee afterwards! I also do spin around running, or instead of a run when I have been injured, I've found it really helpful to keep up my cardio exercises, also I really enjoy being in classes.

  7. Do you have a motto? Mind over matter, this is so true throughout my training journey. I think when you are running it's easy to let doubtful thoughts come into your head but it's important to overcome them and tell yourself you can do it. I must admit I have had bad runs where I've needed to stop and walk home due to heavy legs, my heart rate being through the roof, injury or simply just not feeling the run, when runs go this way you feel so defeated but all it takes is to go out running the following day and try again. 

  8. What is your go to playlist? Ella Eyre - Feline / She will be loved by Maroon 5 on repeat although I normally run with friends so we chat.

  9. What running shoes do you recommend? Everyone's different, but pick carefully! I cannot stress enough how important it is to have trainers that work for you. I love the ASICS gel culumus for a casual slow run and ASICS superblast cos for a bit of speed. NOT the on cloud monsters they look great but feel like running on bricks. 

  10. Top tips for a successful marathon? Listen to your body, if you need a rest day, have it. If you are in pain, stop running. Do not compare yourself to other people, everyone's progress is different. I found it very tricky when I got injured, the first time with shin splints, I suffered for around 4 months and would see my running friends out running consistently every week and felt nothing but frustration that I was missing out on runs but resting has allowed me to get this far and be healthy for the marathon. 

  11. What do you do in the week leading up to a marathon? Lots of eating, sleeping and rest. I think I'll run on the Monday and Wednesday, no more than 5K and super super slow. I have a sports massage with the lovely Sophie on the Tuesday and then will get a bit of movement in my legs on the Saturday just walking around but nothing compared to the past few weeks. 

  12. Who inspires you? I've met a fabulous group of friends running and they inspire me to continue, they are so disciplined, motivated and radiate so much happiness when running. 

  13. What is your ‘Why’ for running the London Marathon? I'm so lucky to be running for the most amazing hospice, St Clare Hospice, and having the chance to raise money to support the continuation of the amazing service that they provide to families. I also wanted to challenge myself physically and mentally, and push myself out of my comfort zone. 

Check out Laurel's fundraising page here:

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