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Client Showcase - Karen West

  1. Have you ever run a marathon before? Yes, I've run London Marathon 3 times previously.

  2. What advice would you give to a beginner running a marathon? Do not try anything new on the day (shoes, kit, fuel etc) , refuel and hydrate regularly but most importantly try to relax and enjoy the experience! Also, It’s worth having your gait analysed at a running shop to check your trainers compliment your running style.  It’s worthwhile treating yourself to a monthly sports massage to aid recovery, help prevent injury and to nip any niggles in the bud before they turn into proper injuries. Don't go out too fast at the the start of the marathon- you’re likely to pay for it later in the race. 

  3. How do you warm up before you run and cool down after to recover? Lots of active warming up like leg swings, hip openers, high knees and glute activation. I cool down with some walking and static stretching.  

  4. Do you have a training plan? Yes I worked with my coach to create a plan to suit my individual needs based on previous marathon experiences.

  5. What fluids/ food do you eat before a marathon? Usually porridge and coffee for breakfast, a bagel or banana on the journey there and small sips of water in the last hour before. 

  6. Do you train in any other sports alongside running? I do some strength training but not as much as I should!

  7. Do you have a motto? I think Kipchoge said it best "No human is limited"

  8. What is your go to playlist? I don't normally run with music but if I did you can't wrong with a bit of Fleetwood Mac!! 

  9. What running shoes do you recommend? I absolutely love my Nike Vaporflys and Alphaflys. 

  10. Top tips for a successful marathon? Plenty of dress rehearsals before the big day so perhaps book a few half marathons or 20 mile races. This will enable you to practice hydration, fuelling, running kit etc.  Eat and hydrate well in the run up. Get plenty of sleep too! Anti-chafing roll on stick is never a bad idea either!! I personally like to break the distance down mentally into 4x 6 milers (plus a little bit at the end!) so I don't get too overwhelmed!

  11. What do you do in the week leading up to a marathon? No late nights, hydrate well, minimal running and a few extra carbs in the last couple of days but not over doing it!! 

  12. Who inspires you? My friend Caroline who continues to run with terminal cancer, completing the London Marathon last year and hopefully Boston this year. 

  13. What is your ‘Why’ for running the London Marathon? I'm running to see if I can improve on my PB (3hr 52) and to raise money for my amazing local cat rescue Cats Gallore.

Karen was one of our 15 clients running last year's London Marathon, can you spot her below in our 2023 Hall of Fame Pic?

Are you running this year? SV Sports Therapy love supporting Karen and are here to support your London Marathon Journey - We would love to serve you!

 We know our stuff when it comes to running injuries, running related sports massage treatment and running gait analysis. Have you got in the ballot, but have no idea where to start? Have you got a place but are currently suffering from an injury and not able to run?

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