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Debbie Tulloch is taking on the London Marathon for Rethink Mental Illness

Debbie Tulloch running VLM for Rethink Mental Illness

Sunday's London Marathon will be Debbie Tulloch's first marathon.

"I was aiming for 4h30m but since I’ve had an injury and was out for seven weeks, I would just like to cross the finish line now!

"Jess has been great, giving me strengthening exercises and massage. It’s also been great that she’s training for the marathon as well. Lots of comparing notes and support.

"I'm running the London Marathon to prove to myself that I can and to raise money for a brilliant charity called Rethink Mental Illness.

"My friend's daughter took her own life last year and I firmly believe that we should talk about our mental health in the same way we do our physical health."

Rethink Mental Illness

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