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"I have been blown away by the support of friends, family, colleagues and even strangers"

Luke Harman

Luke Harman is running his first marathon this weekend and will be raising funds for Saint Francis Hospice.

Here's what Luke has to say about it all!

"I would love to finish in under five hours but my main goal is simply to finish, get the medal and bask in the glory of having completed the London Marathon!

"SV Sports Therapy has helped me massively in my training and preparing for the big day. I’ve seen Jess for a sports massage a couple of times which has helped to keep my legs fresh and iron out any niggles, but the newsletter packed full of advice and tips has been invaluable too.

"I am running the London Marathon to raise funds for Saint Francis Hospice (SFH), an amazing local charity who provide care and support to those with life-limiting illnesses. They rely on donations to sustain the incredible work they do in the hospice and in the community, so every penny really counts.

"I have been blown away by the support of friends, family, colleagues and even strangers which has enabled me to raise nearly £5,000 for the hospice – I hope to get to £5k on race day!

"Strangely I really enjoy running on my own and with no music – having time to think and not be distracted by music or headphones has really helped me. That said, I needed the support of a co-runner on my longest run (20 miles) and was delighted to have someone in the same boat by my side. It was a real struggle!

"The advice and support of friends and family and those who have previously run the London Marathon has been great too. I’d like to reiterate how valuable having good people around you is!"

Luke also has a profile on the SFH website:

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