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Nik Bowerbank is proud to be running the London Marathon for St John's Ambulance

Nik Bowerbank

Introducing Nik Bowerbank, who will be running his first marathon on Sunday...

He already had three half marathons and a handful of 10k races under his belt when he set his sights on the big one! He started off aiming for 4 hours but is now aiming for 3h30m, subject to his knee holding up.

SV has been providing sports massages, sports therapy for pain in his legs and feet, and training and nutrition tips, too.

Nik is mainly running the London marathon for the challenge, but he is also proud to be raising money for St John's Ambulance and says it is a huge motivation. His goal is £1,800.

Nik says the most helpful part of his training has been the long runs, and the speed runs in the week to break it up. Variety is key. And he says that music is a must or audio guided runs can be really helpful.

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