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Dani Nimmock Sponsored Athlete Update

Running throughout the second trimester of my pregnancy was really enjoyable and

because I had been injured prior to becoming pregnant and was forced to take a few

months off training, I actually built up fitness during this stage of my pregnancy!

With the return of road races this year, I was keen to target a couple of races and this really

helped to keep me motivated to train. My first race back from injury and since the COVID-19

pandemic cancelled events, was the Kew Gardens 10k in May, which I ran whilst 4.5 months


I achieved my goal of a sub 40-minute time, running 39:16 and placing 2 nd woman. It was so

fun to be back in an event environment running with other people but “racing” when

pregnant is quite different as I had to focus on containing my effort level rather than going

to my limit.

A month later and I also did the City of Norwich Half Marathon. It was a scorching hot day so

a few things I did to help keep cool was keeping to the shade wherever possible, ensuring I

was well hydrated from the day before and running in a visor, sunglasses and crop top

despite my 5.5-month baby bump!

I was racing for myself and was fully prepared to slow down to a jog or stop if I ever felt

concerned of overheating or working too hard, but as an experienced distance runner I was

able to stay in a relatively controlled zone. My finish time was 87:39, which I was delighted

with because my aim was to run inside 88 to secure a 2022 London Marathon Championship

qualifying time!

To put this into perspective, my half marathon personal best pace is 5:40 minute miles and

in this race, I was running at 6:39 minute mile pace. Despite being nearly 15 minutes slower

than my P.B, my legs took a battering and I had to have more recovery days than I usually

would after the race. I think this was largely due to the extra weight I was carrying cause of

my bump and the fact it had been 16 months since I last ran a half marathon.

It was great to have treatment from Sophie before and after the race and I think it’s really

important to do this, not just for feeling good on the start line but helping to recover

afterwards too.

I have now entered trimester 3 of my pregnancy and the focus is on staying strong and

healthy. My weekly mileage has come down to about 30 miles from 45 miles during

trimester 2 (when I am marathon training I do 70-90 miles per week). I am also doing

regular core work but the intensity of my running sessions is really reduced now. I’ve

noticed some discomfort towards the end of my run in my shoulders and pelvis due to the

stress on my posture that comes with being pregnant but it’s great seeing Sophie regularly

so we can focus on addressing these areas as I go through my pregnancy.


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