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Client of the Month: Dan Gritton

Dan Gritton

Our client of the month is superman, Dan Gritton, who has run 122 marathons and is an absolute inspiration!

His last event was the Downland Challenge - an ultra marathon in Sussex on 18 August 2018.

When Sophie asked Dan why 122 marathons, his response was:

I fell in love with marathon running as soon as I crossed the finish line of my first one and new I would run another, but not a hundred of them!

Then a friend sent me an article on the 100 Marathon Club. At first it seemed impossible but as I entered more events, the numbers ticked up and when I got to twenty marathons, I thought maybe I could run 100 and decided to set off on the journey to 100.

I love the whole experience: making new friends, travelling to different places around the world, pushing myself and running with others to help achieve their goals.

Dan sees the SV team every 4-6 weeks for maintenance sports massage for optimum recovery during his training and marathons.

His next marathon is the Kassel Marathon in Germany on 16 September!

Dan Gritton

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