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Paula is running the London Marathon for Whizz-Kidz

Paula is running the London Marathon for Whizz-Kidz

We are proud to introduce Paula Andrews who will be running her first marathon next weekend at the London Marathon.

Paula will be running on behalf of Whizz-Kidz, a fantastic charity that provides disabled children with the essential wheelchairs and other mobility equipment they need to lead fun and active childhoods. She hopes to raise £2,000.

To read Paula's story and donate to Whizz-Kidz, visit:

It has always been an ambition of Paula's to run the London Marathon and she is aiming to complete the race in under five hours.

Paula initially came to SV about a month ago, when she had a very sore foot from running in the wrong trainers. Sophie has treated her for a minor overuse tendon pain in the foot which has resolved fantastically with relative rest, modified training programme and some manual soft tissue work

We asked Paula what has helped her the most in her training. Here is her reply:

  • Friends and family with tonnes of encouragement – every week! Calling them after my really long runs – 18, 20, 21 miles – crying sometimes! They always listened and cheered me on. Tonnes of whatsapp messages from people, posts on Facebook and getting loads of likes and well dones!

  • My mum making me lots of great training meals – chicken and chorizo risotto – delicious!

  • My mum baking lots of cakes to help me with raising money for charity!

  • Friends doing runs with me

  • Making new friends – when you meet someone else who is training, you immediately have a bond and feel like kindred spirits to be going through the training!

  • Meeting the kids and people from Whizz-kidz – it’s what it’s all for! The number one important reason for all this!

  • Little treats after each major run – yum meals, big puddings!

  • Lots of sleep – even during the day on weekends

  • Fantastic playlist of my favourite tracks – 80s, pop, musicals, even e.t. music! Anything to power through!

  • Listening to podcasts – especially Desert Island Discs, Flintoff, Savage and Ping Pong Man, at home with Colin Murray – sports stars and their stories!

  • Joining a gym across the road from work for 4 months only - January to April - meant I could go in early mornings

  • Buying fab running underwear, fab trainers, excellent headphones... it’s an expensive business!

  • Planning every single weekend to include my long run

  • Epsom salts and magnesium oil - both brilliant for aching muscles!

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