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SV client Roland conquers his first marathon

SV client Roland runs Paris Marathon

New client Roland came to Sophie last week for a pre-race sports massage ahead of last weekend's Paris Marathon.

He chose Paris for his first marathon, as he'd already done a half marathon there last year and knew that it was a fairly flat course.

Several years ago, Roland had both medial meniscus removed from his knees and never thought he would be able to run a half marathon, let alone a whole one!

After nine half marathons, he wanted to see how his body - particularly his knees - would take to a marathon...

He says his run went well for the first half, a little slower up to mile 20 and then an old tendon injury came back to haunt him in the last six miles. It wasn't easy in the last part of the race as the temperature went up to 70 degrees.

He loved the atmosphere - over 50,000 runners - and the wonderful sights along the way. His next event is the Hackney Half in May, as long as his recovery goes well after Paris, and then maybe another marathon later on in the year.

Congratulations, Roland. What an achievement!

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