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Spotlight on Gabi Ridge

Gabi Ridge

How well do you know our Gabi?

1) What sport do you do and do you train with a club?

I train with the British canoe slalom team in Lee Valley.

2) Why have you chosen this club?

I choose to train with the British team because they are some of the world’s best in my sport. Getting to train alongside them every day helps me develop into a better kayaker whilst also helping me develop as a person. The athletes I am surrounded by are all humble, and know that results come from hard work and commitment, both qualities I like to transfer into my practice as an athlete and a sports therapist.

3) What are the three advantages of being a member of this club?

  • I am constantly being pushed outside my comfort zone both mentally and physically, which is something necessary for development.

  • I get to train at a world class facility every day, which is amazing!

  • And most importantly, I am surrounded by people who are like family; it's amazing how sport brings people together.

4) What are your goals for the next 12 months as a club member?

My goals are to be selected to race for the U23 kayak women's team next year - it will be my last year in the category - as well as to compete at the senior level at world cups.

5) Why would you recommend this club to a friend?

Lee Valley is brilliant place to get involved and started in kayaking. They offer support to beginners who have never been in a kayak before, all the way through to Olympic level.

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