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76 Years of the NHS!

Established in the UK on the 5th of July 1948 - The NHS - The National Health Service, was created to replace a health system that was in place at that time, that was seen as unsatisfactory. The idea was to provide care when it was needed and not be reliant on payment to proceed.

On the 5th July 2024, we celebrate 76 years of the NHS and the service it provides for free to everyone that lives in the UK. It's so easy to take it for granted, but it wasn't always there and before the NHS, only wealthy people could afford to see a doctor for treatment. It's thanks to Aneurin Bevan, who was employed as the Minister of Health after the second world war, his job was to find ways to keep everyone healthy. He wanted to make sure that everybody could receive healthcare and started the NHS on the 5th July 1948 to provide this. We are so lucky as many other countries still charge for healthcare and advice from medical professionals.

To this day the workers of the NHS work so hard on their shifts to keep us healthy and comfortable, often without a break and their true dedication to care for the public was reflected tirelessly on the front line during the COVID global pandemic.

Our Director and Lead Therapist Sophie started her 2nd Degree in 2023 at the University of Hertfordshire. She is studying for her BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy Degree, it entails Sophie to work 1,000 hours in the NHS for her Placement.

This means throughout these 1,000 hours, Sophie will be working in various departments in the NHS:

Neurological conditions - such as Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, complex neurological disorders

Orthopaedics - patients who have undergone hip and knee surgery such as hip and knee replacements

Cardiorespiratory - patients who have COPD, Heart disease, Lung disease, Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis

Women's health - patients who have had labours, C section surgeries, bladder disorders, urinary incontinence, prolapse

MSK - patients who have muscle, joint, bone or nerve injuries

Geriatrics - patients who are elderly and at risk of falling, losing their balance and coordination

A&E - patients that visit A&E suffering from an injury that requires Physiotherapy care - the use of walking aids, injury care advice

The NHS is vast. Physiotherapy covers a huge array of conditions and the Physiotherapy Degree equips each student with an exposure to all of these conditions that someone undergoes in their lifetime.

We know how stretched the NHS is, we know how important it is in our World and we are super grateful to every person who gives their Career to the NHS. Thank You.

Give us a call to book in with Sophie on 02034944343 or email or you can also book online here.


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