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London Marathon Update

The SV team at VLM2019

Wow, what can we say? What an epic day!

The SV team were out in full force at mile 25 cheering and supporting for eight hours, trying to see as many of our clients as possible and give them a high five!

The SV team at VLM2019

We are so proud of our 54 clients that completed this year's marathon!

We really do love being part of their journey - some people we see all year round for maintenance sports massages; others come and see us in clinic suffering from niggles or injuries or even potential ‘show-stopping’ injuries.


Whatever their journey, it is a blessing to be a part of their London Marathon experience and we can’t wait to repeat it all again next year.

So the next question is... Who’s in the ballot?

Click here for our VLM 2019 Hall of Fame.


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