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Pregnancy Therapy at SV

Pregnancy Therapy at SV

Congratulations! You are expecting a beautiful new addition to your family! Although pregnancy can be a wonderful ‘glowing’ adventure, some women struggle with general day-to-day activity.

Around one in five women experience mild discomfort in their lower back or front of the pelvis during pregnancy.

Your body goes through an extraordinary amount of change throughout the trimesters leading to fatigue, fluid build-up, headaches and pain.

Although some causes are unique to pregnancy, others can be pre-existing which can be enhanced by the pregnancy. The following are the most common:

Lower Back Pain

As the baby grows, so does your uterus, altering your centre of gravity. This creates a forward bending posture which puts extra pressure on the lower back resulting in muscle spasm and stiffness.


This is the trapping of the sciatic nerve causing altered sensation down the back of the legs causing potential pins and needles, numbness, cramp or shooting pains. Some also describe it as a dull ache. Pregnancy changes contribute to this by applying pressure to the nerve where it passes through the pelvis.

SPD (Pelvic Girdle Pain)

During pregnancy a hormone called Relaxin loosens the ligaments in the pelvis causing it to lose stability. Symptoms include pain into the pelvic region and cracking or popping noises when walking or changing position.

Rib Dysfunction

Are you experiencing pain in your ribs or when taking a deep breath in or out? The pain is from the widening of the rib cage to make room for your growing baby and uterus.


At SV Sports Therapy, we have a qualified therapist treating a broad range of pregnancy related conditions including SPD and sciatica. If you have any discomfort that does not improve within a week or interferes with your daily activities, you should contact your midwife or GP.

Treatments available:

  • Kinesiotape to support the lower back and provide relief from SPD

  • Pregnancy massage to relax the body and provide relief from aching muscles

  • Manual therapy to ensure your spine, pelvis and hip joints are moving normally

Please contact us for more information.

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