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"I’m so impressed, I won’t go anywhere else" - Mark Bennett

Mark Bennett at London Marathon

I first contacted SV Sports Therapy in February 2017 following an injury, prior to running in a 10km road race. Due to the short notice, I could not get in to see anyone at that time.

However, what struck me straight away was how responsive they were in trying to accommodate me. Even calling me to assist. It was impressive. And as a result, I made an appointment to see Jessica the following week.

I have seen Jessica on a monthly basis since that weekend. I largely attribute the fact that I’ve been able to undertake all the running over the last year down to these sessions.

Not only has Jessica given me a sports massage each month but she's also offered invaluable advice and has recommended stretches for me to do between sessions.

This has been invaluable following the recovery from a broken leg and DVT.

I have emailed Jessica on a number of occasions and virtually by return have received the advice and even attachments showing me what I need to do. There are not many therapists that would do that for you. That is why I am so loyal to SV Sports Therapy.

In the last few months, I’ve also seen Annabel and Sophie, both of whom have been excellent.

Initially, a partially torn hamstring was identified and a massage and exercises and stretches advised and within three weeks I was back on target with my marathon training, completing the Milton Keynes 20 mile road race.

Sophie has in the three weeks leading to the London Marathon managed to sort an injury caused during a personal training session the week before the Paris Marathon. Following Paris, I saw Sophie and was in a lot of pain in my back and side. Following treatment and advice on stretches and excellent exercises, I was able to complete the London Marathon.

What sets SV Sports Therapy apart from others is they actually know what they are all talking about. They know how to diagnose injuries and what they are looking for. Each one of them is highly qualified in this field and fully understands the needs of the individual.

When you first visit each one of them, they all take time to fully understand your history and needs, and what you want from them.

It’s not a 'going through the motions' 5 minute medical questionnaire. They ask you about you and your history. They make a note of it as well. It’s all very friendly and professional.

Lastly, I’m so impressed, I won’t go anywhere else.

Mark Bennett

Mark Bennett after Paris Marathon

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