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"You made it possible for me to run the London Marathon" - Ed Scott

Ed Scott ran VLM 2018

I was recommended by a friend and existing client to speak to SV Sports Therapy when I had a knee injury which needed addressing down to having a place in the London Marathon.

I had previously had doctor's appointments, an MRI scan, and months of physiotherapy - none of which even got a diagnosis which concerned me.

I had an introductory phone call with Jess before I went away on holiday who said I could email her when I was away for any advice - all this before I had even seen her - which I thought was tremendous service.

​Within 20 mins of being seen, Jess had identified the injury was patellar maltracking (basically my kneecap had rotated!) and needed rotating back through exercises.

I had regular sessions and a training plan was devised for the marathon.

I had a few other issues along the way, such as an IT Band injury, which worried me but the advice I got helped hugely and I was able to get to the start of the London Marathon injury free!

I was a complete novice when I met Jess and I have no doubt whatsoever that without the care and kindness shown by her I wouldn't have been able to get to the start line at all.

I am incredibly appreciative and grateful for everything Jess and the team at SV Sports Therapy have done. I can't thank you enough - you made it possible for me to run the London Marathon - something I never thought was ever possible.

Ed Scott

Ed Scott ran VLM for Rhythms of Life

Ed Scott and Jess Armstrong

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