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SV is rooting for Lee to get a sub 4 hour time this Sunday

Lee Rhodes running VLM for Saint Francis Hospice

Sunday will see Lee Rhodes undertaking his fourth marathon and he's aiming for a sub 4 hour time.

Lee has had a few niggles with his hip flexors and hamstring of late. We have provided manipulation and stretching exercises and these issues have become better/easier.

Lee really wants to get that 4 hour marathon but he's also proud to be fundraising for Saint Francis Hospice and is well on the way to achieving his target of £2,018:

Lee generally trains and runs by himself, so music is a big factor for him. He has also incorporated PT sessions into his training regime, which has added a new dimension to his race preparation.

Good luck on Sunday, Lee! We're all rooting for you. See you at mile 25!

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