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Sunday's London Marathon will be Billy Parr's fifth marathon!

A few months ago, Billy's knee was preventing him from running at all, which obviously impacted on his training schedule, so his aim this year is just to finish in a decent time. Sunday's London Marathon will be his fifth marathon!

He says he's really glad he paid SV a visit: "Without Jess's advice and expertise, I'm sure I wouldn't be taking part this year."

He is looking forward to running again in London, where he says the support is fantastic.

Billy got his place through a good for age but he is also fundraising for St Clare Hospice.

Billy is part of Orion Harriers running club and says he really enjoys his weekly reps session with them for motivation and discussion about all things running. He feels that long runs are probably the most important part of marathon training.

Good luck on Sunday, Billy!

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