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Rebecca Dolan is running her first marathon for St Clare Hospice

Rebecca Dolan

Although Rebecca Dolan has run a half marathon and lots of obstacle course races, the London Marathon will be her first marathon and she is aiming to complete it in under 4h30m...

Bex has been in touch with SV during most of her training. She is part of the team running for St Clare Hospice and as such, met SV at an information evening held for St Clare's runners several months ago.

She was initially in touch via email, when she felt incredibly tired during the first six weeks of training. Jess gave her some advice around recovery baths with epsom salts and got her booked in for a sports massage. She hasn't looked back!

Bex is a sports massage therapist and last year provided post-race massage support for Cystic Fibrosis Trust. She was bowled over by all the stories she heard throughout the day and was inspired to enter the ballot again - she had entered the ballot for 2017 as well but was unsuccessful.

She was delighted to get a ballot place for 2018 and decided to run for St Clare Hospice. She was very keen to support a local charity that would benefit the local community and, although she has no connection to the hospice herself, she has since found out that lots of people she knows has.

Her fundraising goal is £1,000 and she's almost there! She's hoping to exceed it, if possible:

Bex says that her training has sometimes been incredibly enjoyable and also at times incredibly hard.

She found running with music helped and even though she had the volume very low due to road running, she found that hearing the beat helped keep her on track.

She also says she's been very lucky that her dad and partner have taken it in turns to come out on the longer runs with her, albeit on a bike!

Good luck on Sunday, Bex! See you at mile 25!

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