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SV's Jess attends MS-UK's London Marathon information night

Jess attends MS-UK's London Marathon information night

On 15 November, Jess attended her first information session with MS-UK. Approximately 20 runners who are running the 2018 London Marathon for MS-UK came together and listened to the advice each speaker had to share. Jess was there as both a fundraiser and a speaker!

First up was Jill Purcell, the MS-UK fundraising manager. Jill shared helpful information about fundraising, important dates and most of all, reminded everyone to enjoy the journey!

Next was John Troy. John is a marathon vet. He has run 17 London Marathons and has supported MS-UK for the last 18 years! John being the seasoned marathon runner he is had loads of information to share; everything from hydration and nutrition to new trainers, training programs and everything in between. He cautioned each runner to be mindful of the advice they received and ensure that what they choose to do makes sense and is best for themselves.

Jess took the stage next helping to inform each runner about the importance of injury prevention. Going over warm-up and cool down tips, as well as stressing the importance of incorporating single leg strengthening into the training routine to help keep the body balanced and hopefully injury free!

Sheena Watt’s ran last year for MS-UK and after battling through a few of life’s challenges she came through with a 6:04 finish! Pretty fab if you ask us, but Sheena’s back for round two in 2018! Sheena shared her experience from last year that not everything will go as planned, but we’ve all taken on this challenge because of something or someone close to our hearts, so keep plodding forward and you will make it across that finish line.

The final speakers of the night were the Bradshaw father-son duo. Last year Chris ran the London Marathon and after having such a fantastic experience, he decided to rope his father into joining him this year!

Chris shared his greatest bits of advice including the importance of a warm-up, having your gait analysed and that more spectators should bring biscuits instead of jelly babies for the runners! John shared some thoughts that many of the runners shared in that from this experience he hopes to have a sense of achievement, a day of enjoyment and the satisfaction of knowing he has helped some people along the way.

By the end of the evening everybody was on information overload, but very grateful for all the helpful advice each speaker had to share. The major take home message of the night was to run your own race and enjoy it!

Here's a link If you would like to sponsor Jess in her first marathon:

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