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Client of the Month: William Wilshere

Bethany Harryman

Our client of the month is 14-year-old football player and long jump competitor, William Wilshere.

William came to see us suffering from pain in both knees, during and after activity. Following assessment, and discovering that William had been undergoing a period of growth common at his age, he was encouraged to modify his activities, to undertake some treatment at SV and to complete a series of rehabilitative exercises in his own time.

Pain, such as that experienced by William, is a relatively common occurrence for adolescent athletes undergoing periods of growth and physical development as their bodies struggle to adapt to changes in their mechanics and disruptions in balance and spatial awareness.

William has shown himself to be dedicated to his recovery throughout and has exhibited a willingness and patience through adapting his activities that can be a difficult concept for many active individuals to adhere to.

He has made huge improvements and continues to strive towards pain free activity and being able to continue with the sports he enjoys.

The team at SV would like to pass on a huge “Well Done!” to William and hope that his dedication will be an inspiration to you all in the new year.

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