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SV attend Saint Francis Hospice London Marathon welcome meeting

Team SV at Team SFH!

On Monday 5 December 2016, Chris, Jess and Sophie from SV Sports Therapy attended the Saint Francis Hospice marathon welcome meeting, and met all the people running the 2017 London Marathon for the charity.

Alongside the SV team, there was Thomas (a running specialist from SuperGene), Harmander (a marathon coach), Andy (a sports psychologist) and Sam (from Snow+Rock in Romford).

TeamSFH - a combination of beginner and experienced runners - received information about fundraising, the importance of being part of the SFH team, strengthening information and a pep talk about viewing themselves as an ideal runner.

SV spoke about running tips, common injuries and foam rolling.

Here's a video about foam rolling that Jess subsequently shared on the TeamSFH Facebook Group:

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