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Then and Now!

So that’s the second week of my second degree at Herts University completed! A new chapter in my life which I am embracing. This time I am studying to gain a degree in Physiotherapy. When I came here it made me stop and think how much has changed since the first time around!

Since I started my first degree back in 2006 , life has changed quite dramatically!

Social media was hardly known of! In this year Twitter had only just launched! Facebook had only started for a year. Business such as these didn't exist:

Airbnb (2008)

Instagram (2010)

Uber (2012)

TikTok (2016)

Our Prime Minister was Tony Blair, the Mayor of London was Ken Livingstone and England was still in the EU.

Can you believe the first iPhone hadn't even been released! It was released 4 years later in 2007!

So how does it compare to now 2023?!

Everything is so instant now and available! New models of iPhones are now available every year, I think the latest one being the iPhone 15!

There are so many social media apps available now, it’s hard to know what’s best to use and to have the time to keep up! The latest one being Threads launched 5th July 2023.

Big changes in our Monarchy over the last year - In 2022 we sadly lost our beloved Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles was appointed as King shortly after, his coronation was on the 6th May 2023. Rishi Sunak was appointed Prime Minister on the 25th October 2022 and Sadiq Khan is still our current Mayor of London and has been since 2016.

One things for sure girls are still giving the boys a run for their money! In the 2023 Women’s World Cup the Lionesses made it to the final but sadly lost to Spain, in the 2006 Men’s World Cup England were knocked out earlier in quarter final by Portugal!

It’s nice to stop and reflect on how much things have changed since my first degree in 2006, it makes me realise how much I have grown as a person both mentally and professionally!



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