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Sophie gave expert advice about London Marathon season with St Francis Hospice!

Sophie had the pleasure of meeting the class of 2024 Saint Francis Hospice London marathon runners this week.

They talked all things running related!

Sophie's top tips she shared on the night:

  • Get a running gait assessment from a specialist running shop to check you are wearing the correct trainers.

  • Recovery

  • Stretching

  • Foam rolling

  • Dynamic warm up pre running for your legs, to increase blood and warmth to your muscles and joints and enhance mobility.

  • Experiment with what types of food sit well in your gut before you run and how long you feel you need to wait between eating and then running. 

  • Optimum nutrition and feeding your body the fuel it needs.

  • Listening to your body and knowing the difference between an ache/ nigggle vs a pain that can manifest into an injury, that will in turn prevent you from training for a period of time. Rest and seek medical advice from a Sports Therapist rather than playing the 'guessing game'. 

  • Hydration and optimising your immune system to combat colds and viruses during your training is key. 

  • Add a regular sports massage for optimum recovery during marathon training. Here at SV Sports Therapy we specialise in sports massage. Some of our clients have a weekly sports massage, others fortnightly or monthly, all depending on time and finances. A sports massage is a great way to help enhance injury prevention and allow your muscles to recover during your running volume.

  • Go and enjoy it! Know that the training is going to hard, stressful at times but will absolutely be worth it.

  • Remember your why!!!!

SV Sports Therapy are here to support your London Marathon Journey and we would love to serve you!

 We know our stuff when it comes to running injuries, running related sports massage treatment and running gait analysis. Have you got in the ballot, but have no idea where to start? Have you got a place but are currently suffering from an injury and not able to run?

Get in touch today and speak to one of our experts. Together, let's get you to that start line and beyond!

Give us a call on 0203 4944343 or email or you can also book online here.

We would love to serve you!


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