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Shine walk Marathon 2022

Sophie's words:

"On Saturday 24th September, I embarked on Cancer Research UK's Shine marathon walk, with 3 amazing friends, setting off at 1945. At mile 2, we got stuck at Tower bridge for approx 45 mins whilst the bridge had been lifted for the Queen's tribute - 150 boats sailing for the 'stunning river of light’.

After that we set off again and blimey, were we in for a long night.......10hours and 15 mins! I genuinely believe walking a marathon is harder than running a marathon, especially in the dark when you are sleep deprived and lost your appetite!

Cancer Research - what an AMAZING event you put on! Thank You! We crossed the finish line and then were directed into a building. We walked in, the entrance was covered in black drapes with twinkle lights. You could hear the sound of music and then bang! We entered this amazing room filled with colour, water, snacks, and winners! It was super. Some people were getting some well deserved zzzzzzzz whilst others were reliving their stories of the night's events.

So... of course, we all said, never again! But now the dust has settled and the fatigue has past, we are thinking already of 2023. Who's keen?!

Thank you to everyone who has kindly sponsored. There is still time! Fundraising page closes on 9/10/22.

And for those who are keen for 2023.... have a look!


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