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Our Tournament ready tips for a successful warm up and cool down routine!

Warming up & cooling down is key for any athlete. For Tennis players a warm up routine is integral to keep their bodies flexible and help to prevent injury during the match. It also helps players to keep their minds sharp for a quick reaction to their opponent. Stretches are also a vital part of the warm up and cool down.

Below are 6 exercises that are recommended for a beneficial warm up:

1. Jumping jacks - 2 sets of 25 will increase your heart rate and build stamina. It can also help to warm your body up for the range of actions Tennis requires.

2. Skipping rope - A few minutes skipping/ jumping with a rope can increase your speed, coordination and sense of balance. If you don't own a skipping rope jogging on the spot, then introducing arm circles is just as effective!

3. Knee Lifts - Help to strengthen the whole body for the rigorous movement Tennis demands. Standing in one place perform 3 sets of knee lifts for around 15-30 secs each rep. Place your arms in front of you in line with your hips and bring each knee up in turn to touch them.

4. Shadowing - This is really important as it allows your body to become comfortable with the actions of a Tennis match. Even just a few minutes spent mimicking the motions performed in a tennis match can help you mentally prepare for a match/ tournament. Movements include serves, returns, volleys and overheads.

5. Butt kicks - These are great for warming up your glutes, knees, quads, calfs and hamstrings. Stay on one spot and lift left heel up towards your glute and bring it back down to standing, repeat with the left heel. This is a jump - training exercise, try three sets for around 15-30 seconds and gradually build up to more when you feel ready to.

6. Mini - Tennis - This is a great warm up tool to improve reactions and how to anticipate returns that are close to the net. It also helps you to maintain your energy using smaller swings.

After the match it is vital that you perform a proper cool down routine. Cooling down brings the heart rate down and helps to prevent muscle soreness and tightness, it all flushes out waste products from working muscles. Give yourself at least 20 minutes of stretching all parts of the body, using breathing to get deeper into each stretch.

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