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Our top tips for Men's Health and Well-Being

  • Sleep- 7-8 hours is recommended to feel refreshed and focused for the day ahead!

  • Healthy Diet- Eat a well-balanced diet of all the food types. Try to eat lean red meat to help keep cholesterol down, eat more natural- wholegrains such as brown rice and brown pasta are high in fibre too. If you are not eating much fresh fruit and veg be sure to top up with vitamins and minerals. Eat more fresh fish- it’s good for your brain and tastes delicious too!

  • Exercise and stay active- Do something you enjoy and that makes you happy. Football, Basketball, cycling, running, dancing- whatever fires you inside you will reep the benefits physically outside! Try to balance it with some core/ muscle focused training such as weights or yoga.

  • Care for your Prostate- Make an appointment if you notice any changes such as blood, pain or discomfort and trouble urinating.

  • Keep on top of your check-ups and worries- Why not schedule yearly appointments to have a general check-up?

  • Talk!- It really is the best medicine if you are feeling not quite yourself or are worried about something. Don’t let negative thoughts or worries eat you up! There’s always someone who will listen, even if it’s someone you don’t know.

  • Unhealthy habits- Cut out or cut down on unhealthy habits such as smoking.

  • Limit alcohol consumption- Easier said than done! To keep health risks low keep your alcohol intake to no more than 14 units a week.

  • Make time for your Family- They are part of you and who you are, be present.

Small changes can make a HUGE impact on your life mentally and physically.


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