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Olivia's Running Rehab Tips - Plantar Fasciitis: Part 2 - Rehabilitation

Plantar Fasciitis is a common condition in runners affecting the bottom/sole of your foot called the plantar fascia and into the heel bone.

When we run, we absorb a lot of the forces and stresses through our body, especially our feet, but when too much pressure is being placed on the tissues it can cause them to tear or cause damage to them. 

Did you miss part 1? Don't worry you can read it here!

At SV Sports Therapy we carry out gait assessments and assess, diagnose and treat those with Plantar Fasciitis Injuries. Get in touch today if this is you.


Olivia works as an Academy Sports Therapist for West Ham Utd & Colchester United FC alongside SV Sports Therapy? Click here to find out more!

Give us a call to book in with Olivia on 0203 494 4343 or email or you can also book online here.

Olivia would love to serve you!


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