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Olivia's Running Rehab Tips - Part 1: Tendinopathy in Runners

Tendinopathy, also known as Tendinitis or Tendinosis is common in runners in 4 key areas:

● Glute/Buttock (Gluteal Tendinopathy)

● Knee (Patella Tendinopathy)

● Achilles/Heel (Achilles Tendinopathy)

● Hamstring (Hamstring tendinitis/tendinopathy)

Tendinopathy is used to describe pain that originates from the tendon that connects muscle to bone, it is a thick fibrous band of connective tissue which is very strong. They aid movement by generating force between your muscle and the bone, they do not contract or expand in length unlike a muscle.

Tendinopathy/ Tendinoitis are 2 different types of tendon pain...It can be difficult to determine between the two due to the different stages of degeneration in the tissue (overuse).

Tendinopathy is a newer term that refers to the changes in the tendon as a result of

overloading rather than the inflammation itself of the tendon.

When you are running you are continuously putting the tendon under tension and load, this

can provoke your pain.

Here are 2 main symptoms/signs to look out for with tendon pain:

  • Pain is localised (can put your finger on and locate the exact point of pain)

  • Pain/symptoms varies based on loading (gets worse when running or exercising and

is better with rest)

The main aim of rehabilitation for Tendinopathy is to reduce pain, select effective exercises,

stick to your programme (compliance) and implement an effective loading strategy that works for you.

Look out for Part 2 soon!


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