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Mind in The Making (3 min read)

Want to start the journey of increasing your positive thinking?

Well, here is some exciting news!

Growing research has greatly pointed out that many of us are able to better our positive thinking in many ways. But what is the secret? What exercise and tools are needed to change our mindset?

This short article will explore some simple strategies which have been extensively used in studies worldwide; these interventions can give us the ability to begin actively cultivating positivity.

Each strategy and technique are deeply grounded in fundamental objectives promoted by the academic field of positive psychology, including values, strengths, and gratitude. Undergoing these different interventions can allow you to explore your own thought pattern and will provide all that is needed to enhance wellbeing.

We are all unique which means some techniques may work better for some rather than others. Do not panic, as there is something for everyone. Thus, it is helpful testing out various types of positive thinking techniques and identify what resonates with you most. Listed below are a couple of interventions that are easily practiced in daily living, so take a moment to try them out!

Cognitive Reappraisal

Cognitive reappraisal is focused on reframing our outlook on a situation to help see it in a more positive way. This can be practiced in numerous ways. A common method used is to watch a TV programme, begin to focus on difficult scenarios, start to identify what good could be taken from these situations and think about what you would say to the characters to help them feel better.

After trialling this for a while, move onto using the same technique but now in your own life. This can be done by thinking about the negative situations you have experienced, and how actually there may be some important benefits taken away or they may have taught you significant life lessons (Troy et al., 2010).

Letter to Your Future Self

You can get as creative as you want with this technique. It can include anything from goals to a simple reminder to keep going. All you are required to do is compose a letter to yourself and open it on a significant day in the future, for example a milestone or birthday. It has often been found that our prospective on the future and how important we find it to be can greatly effect our current wellbeing. Therefore, thinking about and writing to our future self can help us gain a more positive view and will start to improve wellbeing (Baumeister et al., 2016).

We hope you find these techniques useful on your journey to positive thinking!


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