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Lets Talk Jeffing!

About Jeff

Jeff Galloway is an American olympian who competed as a member of the US Olympic team for the 10,000 meters in 1972. He then went on to create the Jeffing method of running the following year.

Jeffing began in 1973 when Jeff was teaching a group of runners with varying abilities. He wanted to develop a way in which they could achieve their distance goals with a minimised risk of injury or fatigue.

What is Jeffing?

Jeffing is a running method where you use walk/run intervals right from the start of your run. It is not running until you are so knackered that you have to walk but rather incorporating walk breaks into your run and planning your walk/run ratio before setting off. You can use the ‘Magic Mile’ calculator on Jeff’s website to help you with this.

The Jeffing method is used to help you:

  1. Actually be able to finish your run or race

  2. Finish without injury or exhaustion

  3. Finish faster than you would if you just ran

  4. Recover more quickly

  5. Hit your PB

  6. Give yourself a sense of control

Walk/running can feel alien to runners as it is drummed into us that taking walk breaks is giving up but the jeffing method challenges those doubts and has helped many people hit goals much sooner than they thought they would be able to.

Why not give it a try?


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