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Epping Town Show 2023 - It was a pleasure to meet you!

Sophie had a super day at the Epping Town Show last Sunday 2/7/23! We had 3 games for a chance to win 3 gift vouchers worth £75!

Guess how many bones on George the skeleton! How long can you balance on 1 leg with your eyes closed! How many times can you pick up a pen with your toes in 30 seconds! The winners have been emailed today with their lucky news. It was great to meet members of the public and share with them how our services at SV Sports Therapy can support their health care and reach their sports goals and their life goals too. Sophie roped the whole family in - Dad and her partner Ryan, AKA Operations Manager. Laura, our Clinic manager and her beautiful family popped along too and tried the games!

We really look forward to next year's event!


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