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Be the best YOU can be!

Once you realise how powerful your mind is and how to use this to grow as a person both mentally and physically you are already half way there! Take back control and let go of the things that are holding you back in your life.

Below are 6 tips to be the best version of yourself!

1. Start! - Put on those trainers and start walking/ running, make a mark on a page, whatever it is just start! By doing this you are already moving forward and making steps to put your vision into practice.

2. The only vision you should see is your own - Acknowledge that the best version of you should be your vision, not somebody else’s.

3. Identify your feelings - Staying true to yourself and working with your feelings rather than against them will help to adapt your mindset quickly and positively.

4. Smile - Smiling is such a powerful tool and is often underrated. It radiates positivity and will attract positive people into your life and lift your mood and that of others around you! :-)

5. Write it down - Does your brain feel jumbled? Get it out of your mind and onto paper, it will put things into perspective. Writing a journal is a great tool for clearing your mind and being able to make sense of what is bothering you and why, so you can move forward rather than going over the same things over and over again!

6. Let go of what no longer serves you - Accepting that things change, including ourselves and others is a huge step in moving forward in our lives. Look back through photos and see the difference in yourself then to now, what you have been through good and bad, your achievements, these moments are what got you to where you are now. It is important to embrace the past but know that you can't live in the past. Whether it's a job, friendship, house, relationship or anything you are hanging onto, when something doesn’t serve us anymore, we need to identify that it's time to let go and move on.

What can you let go of to be fully present in your own life? Be Mindful and reconnect to your true self and not who you think you should be, make small steps today to make big changes in your life!


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