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"From day 1 I have been given unprecedented treatment." - Tariq Sayed

"I approached SV Sports Therapy in search of physiotherapy after picking up a footballing injury 2 years prior, playing Sunday League. I had a partial tear of the Adductor Longus - a muscle found in the groin area, which can be extremely delicate and temperamental to treat. I missed 2 seasons and focused on light physio exercises which still didn't seem to be working. I was informed after another scan that my injury had healed, however for some reason I was still in a great deal of pain while performing certain movements. It was suggested to me my muscles and scar tissue had not grown back properly and that could be why I was still feeling pain. At times, the pain was excruciating while performing certain movements. I was concerned I would never play again. I was then referred to SV Sports Therapy. From day 1 I have been given unprecedented treatment. Beginning with an in depth discussion, pinpointing exactly how the injury occurred and what I've been doing since. Then finding out my strengths and weaknesses, discussing where I want to be in the coming weeks and months. (In my case it was back out on the field playing 11 a side with the team). I was introduced to exercises and a physio regime that put me on the road to recovery. After attending a handful of sessions, I am no longer experiencing the pain and have begun training, working on my movement, getting comfortable playing again, and finally kicking a football. It's difficult coming back from injury, physically and mentally. It can be a real challenge to find your confidence again after knowing how an injury can set you back. Sophie and Pip have been there to overcome that hurdle. They have been absolutely amazing. Attentive, knowledgeable, caring, and above all committed to their work and helping people like myself get back to where they want to be. For that I am sincerely grateful."

Tariq Sayed

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