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"I would have no hesitation in recommending video calls where travel or time is a restriction&q

"I had my first appointment via video conference last night. I have to admit I was curious to see how well it would work but in practice it was a worthy substitute for an in person meeting.

Pip was able to view the progress of my injury and range of movement with both of us using just the inbuilt cameras in our laptops.

I carried out a number of exercises under supervision and Pip was also able to “treat” me by directing me with props such as foam rollers and tennis balls to provide relief to the muscles in specific areas under her expert supervision.

Whilst some injuries will always require physical treatment the option to have an online assessment or progress review with a busy schedule is one I will keep in mind going forward and is something I would have no hesitation in recommending where travel or time is a restriction."

Rob Fowler

Via Email

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