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Get Zooming with us and become your own expert! First session free!

We have amazing video workshops launching on Monday 6 April. Our workshops will be specifically tailored to help you become unstuck in certain areas - body pain and mind. We will teach you how to become an expert.

We have seen a lot of people posting home workouts on social media. Those are fine if you want to just get moving. But we would rather see you follow an actual training program and reach your goals!

Ultimately you don’t just get in your car and drive and burn fuel. You get in your car with purpose, with a plan. It’s the same when working on your body - we can guide you in the right direction for you.

Your first 45 minute workshop is free. Subsequent sessions are £10.

Our Schedule

Mondays 20:45 - Just be with Sophie V

When’s the last time you thought about creating - not finding - time to focus on your breathing and thoughts?

Do you know how to breathe and let your diaphragm do the work? How do you deal with a negative thought in your head or fear? Come and just be with Sophie. You never know, you might just learn something...

Ideal for: anyone who wants to learn the difference between ‘fight or flight’

Tuesdays12:00 - Mobility Monday with Annabel Feeling tight from working at home? Come and join Annabel for a stretching and education session. We will be focusing on those problem areas that come from sitting on the sofa or at the kitchen table with a laptop. Let’s get you moving and feeling free. Ideal for: anyone who is feeling like a stiff rock!

Wednesdays 10:00 - Getting to the core of it with Fleur

Fleur will be leading a core stability class for you to do at home to maintain a strong core. The core is the centre of our body and it functions to stabilise your trunk while your arms and legs move. It involves muscles in the hips, torso (front, back and sides) and shoulders, so can help to make us better athletes all over when strengthened. Ideal for: people who know they should be stronger in their core but never create time to work on this. Now’s the time to become accountable and step up. Your core will thank you for it!

Thursdays 17:30 - Bulletproof with Sophie

It’s about time you learn how to bulletproof your body. What’s the difference between activating a muscle and using a muscle? Which sequence should your muscles work in? Why do you continue to stretch your calves but they always feel tight? You’re missing a key ingredient here.

Ideal for: Those who are training for a future event - runner, cyclist, crossfitter, golfer, tennis player - and want the best outcome.


Spaces are limited to ensure maximum guidance from your expert sports therapist.

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