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"Expert Guidance, 100% get yourself on this! " - Nik Bowerbank

We launched our Video Appointments and Consultations this week and have had amazing feedback. Of that was Nik who is training for the Edinburgh and London marathons in September and October. We asked Nik to share with you the answer to three questions...

1. What positives did you receive from your video appointment?

Many positives, 1-2-1 guidance and demos, positivity and encouragement in the current conditions. Expert guidance ;)

2. What advice did you receive in the appointment?

Advice on training for my goal and strengthening the right areas of my body. How many times I should train in the coming week until my next video call

3. Would you recommend video appointments with an expert sports therapist during the lock down?

Yes 100% get yourself on this! Quick and easy to set up, a flexible approach and much need help at the moment.

Thanks for your lovely feedback Nik, looking forward to continue working with you, seeing your smash those marathon PBs with correct strengthening exercises!

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