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The Moral Decision - Stay at Home with SV

I really do hope you and your family are well during this very unique time in all our lives.

It is with a heavy, heavy heart I have made the moral decision to close all three of our SV Sports Therapy clinics, as of Saturday 21 March. I believe strongly we ALL have a duty of care to adhere to the social distancing guidelines put upon us and we have to protect our closest loved ones who are at risk, not to mention the amazing work of the NHS staff.

These are extremely vulnerable times for everyone and I want us to come together now and do the right thing.

So what now?... How can we at SV continue to help you with your treatment journey?

I'm incredibly pleased to announce we have launched SV video appointments.

These are private 121 video appointments with your personal Sports Therapist using Skype or Zoom (third and fourth options are Whatsapp video and Facetime but we want to keep these video appointments professional hence Skype and Zoom). I have contacted a number of you amazing people already who are booked in to see the team this week and your responses have been overwhelming, so THANK YOU.

Have you ever had a video appointment with a Health Professional before? If not, you're in for a treat! Did you know we at SV have extensive knowledge in prescriptive exercises to reduce body pain, mobilise joints and strengthen muscles and movement?

These are bespoke private 121 video appointments, tailored to your injury, your body pain and your personal goals. (Yes the London marathon WILL go ahead, yes football WILL go ahead, yes your triathlon WILL go ahead, all in good time....... let's be patient).

We will find a suitable 30 minutes appointment for you. Your expert Sports Therapist will ask you similar questions that they ask you when you have a face to face appointment with us in our clinics - where is your pain, what is your pain like/how does it feel, what makes it better, worse, level of intensity.

We will then ask you to have a stand in front of your video computer/phone and move around so we can identify what is creating your symptoms and why your body is in pain whilst asking you more relevant questions.

Then we will advise you on appropriate exercises - stretches, self release techniques (what are these I hear you ask!), strengthening exercises to help you ease your pain and improve your movement.

Do you need gym weights to get better?

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