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SV attends Saint Francis Hospice London Marathon evening

Sophie and Annabel had the pleasure of helping St Francis Hospice (SFH) London Marathon runners on 20 February. This was the second of three evening presentations held by the charity for their runners.

Sophie and Annabel were on hand to discuss:

  • The difference between foam rolling, massage stick, spikey massage balls

  • What to do when you feel pain

  • How to tap into your 'why' - what's your reason for running

  • The benefits of maintenance sports massage during your marathon training

  • Epsom salts and recovery

They also discussed the SV team being on hand throughout the whole day at this year's Brentwood Half Marathon on Sunday 15 March which proudly supports SFH. A lot of runners take part each year in this half marathon in aid of SFH.

The next and last evening presentation will be all about race day!!!

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