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Spotlight on Fleur Blatch

Spotlight on Fleur Blatch

How well do you know our Fleur?

1) What sport do you do and do you train with a club?

I train with Orion Harriers running club.

2) Why have you chosen this club?

I wanted to improve my running and had heard great things about Orion. It’s a local club with a fantastic support system and a great group of people.

3) What are the advantages of being a member of this club?

There are several groups of all abilities so there’s always a way to push yourself; everyone is really friendly, welcoming, and supportive; and there is lots going on all year round, so you’ll always have races and events to go to if you want to

4) What are your goals for the next 12 months as a club member?

To improve my 5k and 10k times.

5) Why would you recommend this club to a friend?

Everyone is friendly and welcoming so I would recommend this club to anyone looking for a running challenge.

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Spotlight on Fleur Blatch

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