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How to deal with the marathon blues

We have heard from many of our clients that they’ve already entered for the 2020 ballot!

While you’re awaiting the ballot results, you may find yourself going through some post-marathon blues.

You've probably found yourself waking up every day for the past six months thinking about the marathon.

The running trainers may be tucked away, hidden under your bed or in the cupboard; you may not have run one single mile since 28 April and genuinely you might be feeling a little depressed, with no clear direction and no weekly plan to follow.

You feel lost. And this is completely normal.

We have many clients at SV who go through this emotional state after a marathon, so don't feel alone.

But now is the time to get a new plan to get back on track. After all you are a marathon finisher now!

So what's next?

You need a new goal. Whether that is another marathon, half marathon, a 10k, consistently running a parkrun each week, learning to cycle, a new class at the gym or a Crossfit session.

What about finally saying 'yes' to your work colleague who has, on many occasions, invited you to a recreational game of golf, tennis, netball or even canoeing?

Or go and try an obstacle course race and get yourself covered in mud!

Find a new goal, a new challenge and keep the endorphins alive!

Check out our events diary for some inspiration. Go on, you might surprise yourself!

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