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What is gait assessment and why is it useful?

gait assessment

Gait refers to the way you move, whether that be walking or running, barefoot or in shoes. If you are suffering with back, leg or foot issues, the root of the problem may be due to the way you are moving.

Anyone can get a gait assessment but they are common for those embarking on a running training programme to ensure your movements are energy efficient and to help avoid injury.

A sports therapist can assess your gait to identify any postural issues or muscle imbalances.

During a gait assessment at SV Sports Therapy, we will observe you walking and running in your trainers to identify differences in your movement pattern from what is classed as “normal”.

Some of the things we will look at are the arch in your foot, foot placement, range of motion of your joints, overall posture and general smoothness of movement.

A gait assessment will help to determine your style of walking or running and can highlight any issues. It can also help us to tailor your treatment to your individual needs and suggest suitable trainers for your running style.

gait assessment

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