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SV provides pre and post race sports massage and taping at Nuclear Fallout

SV attends Nuclear Fallout

On Saturday 3 November, the SV Sports Therapy events team attended Nuclear Fallout, the final obstacle race of the season at Nuclear Races in Brentwood.

This event was also the first of the year to qualify for the 2019 OCR World Championships... Nuclear Races will be hosting once again!

The SV team were on hand to provide pre and post event sports massage and sports taping for the racers.

Due to the weather turning, we were dealing with a lot of cramp after the famous Nuclear Slide... apparently it was very cold!

The SV team were invited to try it out - but funnily enough, we decided to stay in our warm gazebo! Maybe next time!

We would like to say a massive congratulations to everyone that took part and we look forward to next season.

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