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A few words from SV's senior sports therapist, Annabel Moeser

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Sophie and each and every client for welcoming me to SV Sports Therapy. It has been lovely to be introduced to new faces and I look forward to working with you whether it be prevention, rehabilitation or maintenance over the coming years.

My first month with SV Sports Therapy has been fantastic. There are so many of you who are taking on challenges this month and in the near future and I have loved hearing about your training leading up to these.

I have experience with a few endurance treks myself, so I totally understand the training turmoils and elation you have been going through. I have to say if anyone wants to take on a challenge, whether it be a 5km run, 100 mile cycle, the London Marathon or in my case Everest Base Camp… go for it! It will be the most amazing thing you have achieved.

This first month has also been wonderfully eventful!

SV opened a new clinic at Harlow Rugby Club and started taking clients from the second week in July. Sophie and I are now masters of flat pack furniture!

It has been great to be involved with the opening of the new clinic and also joining forces with Harlow Rugby Club. After working in a private clinic for eight years, it's great to get back into sport!

Here’s to an exciting future with SV sports therapy!

Annabel Moeser

Senior Sports Therapist

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