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SV client Daniel Everard selected for South American journey of a lifetime

Daniel Everard at RunThrough Chase The Sun

We are thrilled to introduce SV client, Daniel Everard (17), who is a trampoline coach at Casablanca and who came to us for treatment following a trampoline injury. Jess has been treating him for a couple months.

In November 2016, when Daniel was 15, he had his first full blown tonic-clonic seizure, and just one month later he was diagnosed with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (JME).

He has had many seizures since and sustained many injuries including head injuries, a fractured elbow and a fractured hand. Medication has proved difficult in controlling his seizures.

Daniel has always loved the outdoors, nature, sports and challenging himself and he is a great team player.

Developing epilepsy at any stage in your life is difficult but it’s especially difficult during teenage years and the important GCSE period. Daniel has had so much to deal with.

In September 2017, his neurologist phoned to ask if it would be okay to nominate Daniel for a Journey of a Lifetime Trust (JoLt) expedition.

[JoLt is a small charity run on a totally voluntary basis by a group of ordinary people with families and careers. Every two years, it organises expeditions all over the world for groups of young people (aged 14-21) with significant disadvantages].

Daniel was thrilled but dared not get his hopes up. In January 2018, he received a letter to say he had an interview. He still didn't dare to believe he could go.

In early April he had confirmation that he will be going to Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in July with 17 other young disadvantaged people, accompanied by six helpers and two doctors.

On 11 April, Daniel undertook the RunThrough 'Chase The Sun' 10k at the Olympic Park with his sister Louisa to raise money for JoLt. He finished in a stellar 43:03 time.

In Daniel's own words, he "would like to give back to them and hopefully enable another disadvantaged person a journey of a lifetime."

You can read more about Daniel and donate via his justgiving page:

Daniel Everard at RunThrough Chase The Sun

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