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SV Events Team attends St Clare Hospice 10k (and Sophie ran it!)

Jess and Sophie in the SV tent at St Clare Hospice 10k

On Sunday 8 April 2018, the SV Events Team - Jess, Tanya and Sophie - attended the St Clare Hospice 10k, providing runners with pre and post race sports therapy treatments.

At 10:30, the 300+ runners set off, including Sophie, who finished in 53 mins.

SV Events Team at St Clare Hospice 10k

It was a great day to catch up with some of SV's clients.

Rebecca Dolan, who is running her first marathon for St Clare Hospice, ran the 10k with Sophie. She has been seeing Jess for maintenance massages throughout her training.

Rebecca Dolan and Sophie Vowden

Nick Bowerbank, who has been seeing Jess and Sophie for treatment, most recently for a calf muscular strain from long training run, ran the 10k in a speedy 44 mins.

Nick Bowerbank

And Daniela Witten, who runs with Orion Harriers Running Club.

Daniela Witten

[And check out Jess with her jar of homemade jam! Sophie bought it for her because Jess is mad about peanut butter and jam sandwiches to fuel her long runs. The jam is made by the lovely Pat every year to support St Clare Hospice. Thanks, Pat!]

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