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SV Sports Therapy is proud to support Harlow Running Club and Harlow Tri Club

SV Sports Therapy is pleased to announce its partnership with Harlow Running Club (HRC) and Harlow Tri Club (HTC).

SV will be offering HRC and HTC members an ongoing discount on all sports injury and sports massage sessions.

SV is also proud to be supporting the 30th Annual Harlow 10 on 9 September 2018 and our events team will be on hand to provide pre and post race sports massages and sports therapy advice.

Harlow Running Club

With the huge interest in running growing during the 1980s, Harlow Running Club was formed in 1989, and has developed and performed in all disciplines from 5,000m to marathons and ultra runs, with excellent results and many Essex medals gained over the years.

Harlow Tri Club

Harlow Tri Club is a sub section of Harlow Running Club and was formed in 2016. The aims of HTC are to help nurture, inspire and advise on your triathlon journey, from newbies to ironmen!

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